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| How to Use Conversations For Encrypted Messaging on Android OS :

The open source Conversation app is considerd one of the  best encrypted messaging apps for Android OS as it's encrypt messages and files by OMEMO Protocol which used to communicate securely between two parties,  it supports Forward Secrecy which is a property of secure communication protocols in which compromise of long-term keys does not compromise past session keys .... more



| En forklaring på hvordan kommunikationsappen Conversations fungere på Android Systemer :

Denne åben kilde ”Samtale app” er en af de bedst krypterede beskeder apps til Android OS, da det kryptere beskeder og filer ved OMEMO protokol, der bruges til at kommunikere sikkert mellem to parter, den understøtter forud Hemmeligholdelse som er en egenskab af sikre kommunikationsprotokoller i hvilket kompromis af langsigtede nøgler men ikke kompromitterer ikke tidligere ... mere



| Explication de l'utilisation de l'application Conversations pour communication cryptèe sur le systeme android :

L’appli du domaine public « Conversation » est considéré le meilleur appli pour des messages chiffrés sur l’Android OS parce que l’appli utilise le protocole OMEMO pour chiffrer les messages pour communiquer en sécurité entre deux parties. L’appli est compatible avec Forward Secrecy qui est une propriété de protocoles de communication sécurisés dans lesquels le compromis des clés à long terme ne compromet pas les clés de séances passées ... plus



| A Detailed Guide On How to use Gajim for Encrypted Messaging :

Gajim is an open source XMPP Clinet that supports encrypting text messages and files through multi encryption protocols such as OTR , Omemo , OpenPGP  , Gajim can be used for encrypted communication on Windows and on different Linux distributions ... more



| How to Use pidgin program for encrypted messaging with "OTR" Protocol on Windows :

Pidgin is a free open source program that makes it possible for the User to organize and manage different messaging accounts in one program ,Pidgin supports "OTR" encryption protocol which provides safe an secure connection between pidgin users ... more



| Forklare brugen af den krypterede Gajim messaging-software på Windows-system :

Gajim er et open source-software til at forbinde krypterede tekst. Det understøtter krypterede tekstbeskeder og filer på tværs XMPP-servere gennem flere krypteringsprotokoller såsom OTR,Omemo og OpenPGP hvor du kan bruge Gajim i krypteret kommunikation på Windows-systemer og på forskellige Linux-distributioner .... mere


| Virtuelle VPN-tjenester i Android systemer (Danish)

NordVPN servicen er en af de bedste VPN-tjenester med hensyn til anvendelse og beskyttelse af politikken om varetagelse af personlige oplysninger, med "NO logging" for at forhindre lagring af brugerdata på virksomhedens servere .... mere


| Virtuelle VPN-tjenester i Android systemer (Danish)

Finsk service, som den berømte selskab F-Secure førende indenfor informationssikkerhed og elektronisk beskyttelse. F-Secure freedome tjenesten holder brugernes privatliv og gemmer ikke deres data og forhindre websteder .... mere


| Virtuelle VPN-tjenester i Android systemer (Danish)

Hide.me VPN-tjeneste er Malaysisk og skjuler brugernes privatliv samtidig med at de jagter eller optager deres data på virksomhedens servere. Tjenesten giver dig 2 GB for hver konto du opretter .... mere


| How to install CopperheadOS on Nexus 5X

It is an open source system that was made by a Canadian company that works on information security and specialized in data/devices protection.The system works on enhancing the security level and protecting the users privacy in same time through Android system. CopperheadOS has been considered the best operating systems that is build on Android and the most secure also .... more


| VPN Services For Android

Nord VPN service is considered one of the best virtual private networks in the terms of use and privacy as it follows the policy of “No Logging” to prevent storing users data on the company servers .... more

| VPN Services For Android

It is a Finnish service represented by F-Secure famous leading company in information security industry, F-Secure Freedome maintains the users privacy, It does not save users information and stops websites .... more


| VPN Services For Android

Hide.me VPN is a Malaysian service that protects the users privacy without tracking them or save their information on the company servers, It is a paid service but it offers 2 Gigabits free for each account subscription .... more


| How to Install Lineage OS :

Lineage OS is a free open source operating system built on Android system and it is one of the best operating systems that is built on Android as it supports a lot of Android devices. The system also gets updated continuously as there is a published monthly report on the official website about the recent updates by the developers. Lineage OS project is considered the next step of Cyanogenmod project which is no longer supported by Cyanogen .... more



| How to use VeraCrypt program to encrypt Files and Disks :

VeraCrypt is an open Source program and a modified version of the TrueCrypt encryption program where TrueCrypt developers stopped developing the program after government agencies put pressure on them. Veracrypt has undergone security checks and source code checks by many security researchers and companies specializing in information security such as Quarks Lab. Although security vulnerabilities have been discovered in VeraCrypt recently, developers have been working on issuing stable versions to close detected vulnerabilities, making it an important step in the right direction in the filed of electronic protection .... more


| manual for downloading af applikationen Zom :

Zom er en open source krypteret applikation, der understøtter Android og iPhone til smartphones. Zom bruger Omemo-protokollen til at kryptere tekstmeddelelser og lydfiler samt sende disse. Programmet har et glat interface og lavere forbrug af data fra andre applikationer. Det understøtter også kommunikation med andre  kommunikations programmer såsom Gajim, Pidgin, Conversations .... mere


| How to use Zom for secure and Encrypted Messaging :

Zom is an encrypted open source application for communication that supports Android and IPhone smart phones. Zom encrypts text conversations and audio messages too. The application has a simple interface and it uses less of Omemo protocol. It also supports other applications like Gajim , Pidgin , Conversations .... more


| How to use Riot App for Social Communication :

Riot is an open source social media application that supports many features for easier conversation between users. It also supports all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone, as well as browsers, and supports the Olm protocol to encrypt end-to-end conversations over servers. We do not recommend relying on it, and we recommend that you deal with Riot as a social media application rather than encrypted comunication .... more


| The ultimate guide for Tor Android :

The Tor program is developed to provide anonymous communication, privacy and security for online users. The program connects users to the Tor network, which consists of a set of interconnected nodes. The process of communicating through these nodes is to obtain complete privacy and to secure users from record their movements on the Internet and sites that visit them as well as protect them from tracing, identification and spying operations that can be done by individuals people, companies or governments...more


| Manual om Ooniprobe og dens internetfunktioner :

En open source applikation udviklet af Tor-projektet til at bidrage til udbredelsen af en privatlivskultur. Programmet giver brugeren mulighed for at kontrollere niveauet for overvågning, som brugeren udsættes for, og for at kontrollere internetforbindelsens hastighed og kvaliteten af kommunikationen. Programmet Ooniprobe understøtter smartphones, der kører Android og iOS...more


| Your Security in TELEGRAM :

TELEGRAM, a new messaging service much used by ANSAR and MUJAHIDEEN to share news and daily report, despite that telegram known as closed community [without search engine can provide public content -Currently-] . one of the reasons that make ANSAR use Telegram a lot, the propaganda about his “Privacy” and “Encryption” that he provide ....more



Our phones today carry all our secrets and they do not leave us at all times unlike the personal computer or mobile, these phones carry our pictures and messages know who we call and when and know all the places we hesitate and the capabilities of our mobile phones increased as well as we have become miniature computers carrying dozens if not hundreds of Programs We download these programs often without knowing what these programs are doing. Or what powers do they require? ....more


IOS is one of the most popular operating systems in the world after Android system. Apple recently added many


| Scaning and analyzing suspicious links :

It is necessary as web-surfer to learn how to detect malware/malicious links, because many website that you’re browsing trying hard to collect the greatest amount of information on you and use it for Advertising purposes, statistics etc .. OR locate persones online using their IP with tracking scripts or malwares, in this tutorial we will explain how to scan a suspicious link in the most effective way...more


|Your Security in WhatsApp :

security features and services to protect users' data from hackers and intelligence attacks. But when it comes to US national security, Apple can not do but providing help to the intelligence agencies to track The jihadists and their supporters on the Internet, as happened with brother Sayed Farouk (may Allah accept him) the brother of San Bernardino operation, California, where Apple shared all the data of his device on the servers of the company with the FBI, so these are some of the basics of protection to Limit data sharing with Apple Although we do not recommend buying Apple products from the US ....more


|Data Collection Techniques:

 some of the actual techniques employed by the data miners on the Web are briefly introduced below ....more



|Explanation of ExifTool to delete file metadata in Windows operating system:

Digital materials such as pictures, clips, e-books, etc. Contains information other than what is supposed to contain. It is known as Exif Data, which can extract sensitive data about the devices used to capture, modify, and produce those materials, which helps the security services and intelligence services to collect and analyze more data about users through it ....more





|Your Security On Twitter :

Twitter is one of the largest social networking sites on the Internet used by millions of people in communication and publishing. Twitter is an important source of publication to defy the lies of satellite channels and the Western media, which aims to break any link between the common Muslims and supporters and Mujahideen. Regardless the continuous campaigns of deletion for 4 years However, the use of social media in publishing is imperative. ....more